vladimir shappo
Vladimir Shappo was born on February 4, 1949 in the village of Vidzy, Vitebsk
region. In 1967-1972 studied at the faculty of graphic arts of Vitebsk State
Pedagogical University (former art school founded by M. Chagall). Teachers –
Felix Gumen, Yevgeny Krasovsky, Ivan Stoliarov. In his student days started to
collect material travelling around Russia (the Far North, the Polar region,
Kamchatka), Central Asia, but native country (the regions of the Dvina river,
Braslav lakes) and childhood became the main creative themes. Vladimir has been
exhibiting his art since 1975 in Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Latvia,
Poland, Germany, Great Britain, etc. His works can be found in museums of the
Russian Federation (State Art Museum of Novgorod Land in Velikiy Novgorod),
Belarus (Braslav District Association of Museums, Vitebsk Regional History
Museum, Vitebsk Centre of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Fine Art in
Minsk, Art Gallery of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve).
He works in watercolours, pen and ink, charcoal pencil, acrylic, mixed media.
Since 1989 – a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists. In 1975 – 2000 taught
painting, composition, the history of art in the children's art school in
Novopolotsk. Lives and works in Minsk.

Graphic series: "Lake District", "Polotsk", "Fairy tales of the old Braslav",
"Dreams of childhood", "Man is what he eats", "North".

Watercolour series: "The Dvina – a river of time", "North".

Acrylic series: "Polotsk land", "Artists. Prophets".
Design of the following projects:
The Ecological Museum in Polotsk, Belarus;
The memorial complex to victims of fascism "Zvezda" in Borovuha, Belarus;
The Museum of Aviation of the 121 st aircraft repair plant in Kubinka, the Russian
The overall design of Novopolotsk city appearance, Belarus;
The overall reconstruction project of Disna city, Belarus.
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